Today, we link up with over 75 churches across the country who are a part of our Network to start not just a message series but a focus for the month of November.

It’s called Be Rich: Give. Serve. Love.

At the heart of Christianity is the message that:

God became one of us and lived among us.

One of Jesus’ friends, contributor to the message of Jesus, and writers of the New Testament, John, writes this:

The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. – John 1:14 MSG

Andy Stanley puts it this way: “Jesus came to take the guesswork out of God.”

Jesus didn’t claim to have the best explanation of God. He claimed to be the best explanation.

We’ve all heard these phrases:

God is love.

God loves everybody.

Everybody matters to God.

Jesus is the one who introduced all of these ideas… to the world. 

At the time, the Greek and Roman gods were not so “favorable” to people.

The gods didn’t care for people and didn’t require people to care.

Slavery was a normal part of anyone’s life if they could not contribute to society. In fact, the economy thrived on this.

A slave culture devalues everyone, because everyone is one string of bad luck away from slavery.

But then….

Jesus moved into the neighborhood.

Jesus reversed most people’s ideas of themselves, society, and God. He did this with His:

  • Teachings: Good Samaritan, Trilogy of Lost things, Sermon on the Mount, The Widow’s Mite

  • Interactions: Samaritan woman, Sick people, Tax collectors, Centurion’s servant

Those that followed Jesus – especially those who experienced his teachings and interactions…


In fact, a No-strings-attached compassion and generosity became the hallmark of the 1st century church.

In many respects, the teaching of Jesus shaped the conscience of our nation.

And, while we may be criticized for what we believe, we should be famous for our compassion and generosity.

Paul writes to young Timothy as he starts ministering and starting churches:

Command those who are rich in this present world… to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. – 1 Timothy 6:17-18 NIV

And that is why we are doing this Be Rich series and focus during November. 

Because our leader and our savior has instructed us to live this way.

And so during this time, we will focus on Be Rich: Give. Serve. Love.

Today’s focus is on GIVE. 

We are asking 100% of you to give. We’re giving 100% of it away.

We are asking, along with all of our Network Partner churches, that EVERYONE gives: 


(feel free to add a zero, or two, to that 😀)

And again – 100% of what comes in for this will go to our Local Partners here in Columbus!

Common Ground Free Store – Delaware, OH -

COMO – Compassion Outreach Ministries of Ohio -

Victory Ministries – Center of Hope – Columbus -

Westerville Area Resource Ministries – Westerville -

Young Life Olentangy -

*Feel free to check out our Local Partners, read stories and more on the special BE RICH website:   To access the Local Partners, click on BENEFICIARIES, then filter (using the drop-down) to select Polaris Church.    

It’s easy to give: Text BERICH to 614-682-7117

Let’s BE RICH!