When you put some stake in the game, it changes your Sunday experience from attendance to engagement. We would love for you to join a team and serve with us week after week, creating relationships, cultivating environments, and most importantly welcoming each new face.


guest experience

We believe that we have the best news in the world to share with everyone who walks through the doors of Polaris Church. That's why it matters that people have an incredible guest experience from the street to the seat. From the VIP parking and wagon rides for children, to a cup of coffee and a smile - we have the opportunity to warm the heart of a guest so they can receive a great message of hope. The Guest Experience leaves a lasting impression and it's a blast to be a part of the team. 


creative / production

Creating is an act of worship and one of the most powerful ways we communicate the hope found in following Jesus. Our Creative team cultivates a welcoming environment through music, production, art, photography, and video. If you have a certain set of skills or a willingness to learn, we have a place for you on the team.



family ministries (kids, middle, youth)

We know that a safe, age-appropriate environment is important for children to feel cared for. We love the kids who come through our doors and want to welcome them alongside their parents! The Family Ministries team consists of little kids (birth - pre-k, k - 5th grade, and middle school). Click the link below to read a little more about it and sign up to serve a service!