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meet stacey windover

Stacey is the Director of Families for Polaris Church as well as the PCA Early Learning Center. Stacey has developed innovative ways to teach children about the love of Jesus, led large teams of guest experience volunteers, created inviting environments and applicable messages as a keynote speaker, and impacted generations by setting a strong example of pursuit of God’s love. Stacey is an accomplished team builder understanding to achieve a great environment, your example needs to become a way of life and not just a reaction to current needs. 

If she's not inspiring the masses, she's all in at college gameday with Starbucks in her hand or hiking with her boo. Stacey has 3 awesome kids (Bo, Sophie, and Olivia), a cat (Loretta Lynn) who is an extremely accomplished hunter of wild things, and a dog (Milly) who hops with excitement when she returns home.  She also has that boo (Joey) who hops with excitement when she returns home.