pack your bags: head for the hills


sunday, august 26

Pack Your Bags is about how to prepare for next.

What’s “Next” for you?....

  • Graduation
  • College
  • Wedding 
  • Baby
  • Another baby
  • New job/school
  • Empty nest
  • Retirement

Have you ever wanted to say to someone, “Didn’t you see this coming?”

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. – Proverbs 27:12


We see what we are looking for and we hear what we are listening for. (“Confirmation Bias”)

  • The prudent acknowledge what they desperately don’t want to see.
  • The simple see the same danger, but “live as if life is not connected…the present becomes the past and it just stays there.” – Andy Stanley 


Relationship Example

Prudent: Evaluate relationships based on where they are headed.

Naïve: Evaluate relationships based on where they stand currently.  


Financial Example

Prudent: View debt as a path with a destination.

Naïve: View debt as an event.  


When you see trouble coming, don’t ignore it.  --  DO something.


Is there something you are trying desperately not to see?

Is there anything you are trying desperately not to hear? 

Be like the prudent – not the simple.


NOW is the time to….. Because….

NOW is better than later.  --  Now will make later better