starting point: Don't stop


SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2018

Faith may be the most confused, misused, and abused concept in religion.


Three Observations

1.    The ability to believe is the most powerful force at mankind’s disposal.

2.    We constantly look for evidence to support what we believe to be true.

3.    Belief is easy to maintain within a community of shared belief.


Religious belief is simply belief applied to things of a religious nature. 


When Jesus died, those closest to him believed that he was dead. They believed that…

·     he was a powerful speaker. 

·     he was not the Messiah. 

·     he was not the Son of God.

·     their lives were in jeopardy.


But….God has done something – not just taught something.


“He has given proof of this to everyone by raising him from the dead.” – Acts 17:31 NIV


Jesus was crucified for our sin and God raised him from the dead.


And this is why the fundamental question we will have to wrestle with is: 

Who is Jesus?

A single event changed how those closest to him answered that question. 


Question for the week:

Did you find parts of this message disturbing? 

If so, which parts and why?