Columbus is a growing city filled with influence, ingenuity, and creativity.

But it’s not about the place, it’s about the people.

Columbus has a name. You have a name. You have a story. And through the good and not so good in life,  we can learn and grow from each others' stories. Polaris Church is made up of people just like you - here are some of their stories and we would love to hear yours.


“You can’t place a high enough value on a relationship with God. There is no earthly possession that compares to His grace, strength, and wisdom. Polaris Church has meant the world to me because I would not know Him without all of you.”
— Ryan, married with children

A safe environment and church full of people that love my daughter makes me feel grateful beyond words."

Evan, 20's married with children


"Polaris Church was the gateway to opening relationships and providing a space for me to get to know people in Columbus and allow myself to be known by those peple"

Andrew, grad student

“Polaris Church is a place where our children get to learn about Christ in an environment where they feel they are important and valued... .we have had so many doors opened to us giving us the opportunity to really help others - like really, truly make a difference.”
— Ashley, married with children


"I have found healing in helping, as well as a place to continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus. Even though I grew up in church, I can't say that I ever really got it!"

Tiffany, single professional

“To me, Polaris Church means knowing that no matter what you are going through in life - good or bad - you are not alone and always have family, a place to turn to for help, encouragement, and understanding.”
— Daniel, married